Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Enterprise Tuesday

There is much more to the Cambridge MBA than the MBA itself. MBAs all over the world cover the same kind of subjects in barely the same way. So, what is the difference? Some people have asked me what makes the Cambridge MBA so special. My answer is, by doing the MBA in Cambridge, we were granted access to many resources and networks that are simply priceless.

One good example is the Enterprise Tuesday. What is the Enterprise Tuesday?

The Enterprise Tuesday occurs once a week, on Tuesdays (go figure!). It is a special type of conference where the guest speaker is someone who created his own company or someone that helps others to create their own company. This is very interesting because by attending we can learn from people who actually did it. It is very different reading it on books or learning it in the classroom from a teacher or listening to who actually did it. That’s Enterprise Tuesday.
There were many interesting guest speakers this term, some more inspiring than others. But Enterprise Tuesday is something more than just this. It is held in the Engineering Department of the University of Cambridge and after each session there is a fantastic opportunity for networking.

Basically, MBAs and Engineers are put together in a room (with food!) and they can talk to each other and help each other developing ideas and trying to create new projects.

Now imagine being able to talk with PhD students that are doing research in applied fields in one the best universities in the world…chances are you can find someone with a crazy idea that might be the next Google or Youtube ready to be harvested.

So, if you seek a future as an entrepreneur, Cambridge is definitely the place to be!

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