Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The interview day

If you are applying to the Cambridge MBA and have your interview scheduled, you are probably very nervous and anxious. I can't say that I wasn't! So, for all you guys wondering how it is to attend the interview day at Cambridge, I will share my experience with you. I hope you will find it helpful and insightful.

I was asked to be at Judge Business School by 8.45 a.m. Being aware of the well-known British punctuality, I arrived 15 minutes earlier. As I stared at JBS’ magnificent building I was sure that would be an unforgettable day.

I must say it was much better than I expected. Everything was very well planned and the organisation was amazing. As we arrived, we were given a paper folder with all the information we needed for that day and for our decision (whether or not to accept the place if offered one). There was an individual schedule for each one of the candidates and I had my interview scheduled for 12.00 a.m. I guess there were about 15 to 20 people attending the interview day.

Instead of starting with the interviews, we were firstly introduced to several faculty members who shared with us their vision of the programme and of the class they were trying to put together. I must say all faculty and staff members are really nice and informal. These Q&A sessions made us all relax a little bit and we were able to get more comfortable with that atmosphere. And, of course, we got lots of informations about Cambridge and the programme.

After hearing about the programme, the financial and funding details, the career options and prospects we actually had the opportunity to attend a class. I must say I was amazed by the informality and dynamics of the class. Luckily for us, the speaker was the CEO in residence, a very dynamic and funny person.

All the above lasted barely until 11.30. My interview was 30 minutes away and I was getting nervous but excited at the same time. After being there for more than a couple of hours I started to get more confident and instead of trying to look good, I was just enjoying that incredible experience.

After a short guided tour around the building we waited a couple of minutes in the common room for our interviewers. Each one of us had been designated with one or two interviewers.

Finally, my interviewer met me at the common room and we went to his office to go through the interview. I must say he was very nice and tried to make me comfortable. Don’t expect mean people who are trying to get you. As I said, all teachers are very friendly and helpful.
The interview lasted for less than half an hour. He asked me some challenging questions but I think I did well. He didn’t go through the application form neither did he ask the standard boring questions about weaknesses, strengths or hobbies.

I found it a challenging but interesting interview. He didn’t ask me many questions and before I knew he was already looking forward to my questions.

After the interview we had lunch with current alumni and we were able to ask them all kinds of questions. I even found one student from my country and it was interesting to get his view on things.

After that, they took us on a guided tour of the city. How many schools bother to show you their city and explain its history? Not many, I suppose. That walking tour took about two hours and a half and was very interesting. Luckily for us, it was a marvellous sunny day.

And before we knew it…the interview day was over. We knew the decision would be given in the next hours but all of us were overwhelmed with all we saw.

Regardless of being accepted or not, nobody will ever take that amazing day and that exciting experience from me. And the experience was worth every single minute I spent at JBS.

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Robin Antony said...

hey! awesome. Congrats on getting into Cambridge. I have an interview with Cambridge on Jan 14. Can I ask you a few questions? my email address is Thanks!