Saturday, September 8, 2007

Hopes and expectations

This is it. After nearly six months of waiting, I’m finally heading towards Cambridge. It means this is my last post in my home country. It also means this blog will now get into a new phase. So far I’ve been talking about my application and all the things that happened ever since. From now on, if I have the time, I’ll be posting from Cambridge and soon enough, I’ll be posting about the course itself.

And for my final post of this stage, I’d like to share with you what my hopes, goals and expectations are. My expectations and goals have been evolving over time as I got to know more about the course and, specially, as I got to talk with future mates who provided me with their insights.

But I still don’t have much information and I still didn’t go through the whole experience, so I thought it would be fun to share my expectations now and maybe come back to them in the future and compare them with the reality.

So, here are my main expectations (regarding fun and work).

  • I expect the course to be hard working, challenging but not very difficult academically (I have a strong mathematical and economical background);
  • I expect to be challenged and to be among a very active community with access to innovative ideas and very close to where the actual action is;
  • I hope I can improve my managerial skills and my social and networking skills;
  • I believe I will meet lots of interesting, fun and active people;
  • I expect to make friends for life;
  • I hope I have the time to do some sport;
  • I expect to ride a bike a lot (and hopefully, with not too many rain pouring);
  • I hope to be offered a fulfilling job somewhere along the course (ideally, more than one nice offer);
  • I expect to attend lots of parties, dinners, cocktails and social events;
  • I want to travel a lot while I’m there;
  • I want to learn how to cook Chinese, Thai, Indian or Japanese food (I’m relying on my colleagues on this!);
  • I hope to participate in the MBATournament in some sport with my colleagues against other business schools;
  • I expect to have very little time and some sleepless nights;
  • I hope I can have access to many different opportunities;
  • I expect to get depressed sometimes with the weather;
  • I believe I’ll grow up a lot as a person.

Obviously, I’m expecting new opportunities, new things and ideas, hard work but also lots of fun. I’m just hoping Cambridge is all that and more!

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Anonymous said...


How is everything going so far? How do you like the campus? Is JBS ever going to consider making their program 2 years? Good school, strong name, I believe it would attract more accomplished candidates vying for internships.

All the best,