Monday, September 24, 2007

The first week

I must say the first week was really nice and ended even better. We started our Economics classes, which is a 2 week pre course with not exam that aims at giving some basic economics tools to everybody. The lectures where interesting but I must confess I didn’t open any book yet. Having an economics background gives me some advantage at least for now.

Aside from the lectures, there were multiple sessions designed to clear many different aspects of the MBA. For instance, there were sessions about using all the great resources available in the library or about the rules for delivering assignments and group works or about the fantastic service JBS’ career department has to offer.

But the best part was the end of the week. On Friday we had a Spanish fiesta going on all afternoon long and the night ended in a local pub and then in a local disco. It was great fun and it really proved MBAs can move on the dance floor.
Saturday there was the Alumni Gala Dinner which only 1/3 of the current class attended but it was a night to remember. Guys dressed in their tuxedos, girls dressed in their gorgeous dresses and we had lots of fun. It is always nice to have these different dinners were everybody looks very smart and were we can take really nice pictures. I wouldn’t say it was a great networking opportunity but I had a blast.


Raghav said...


I would not say that I'm a regular at your blog, but I've read most of the post about cambridge. I'm currently working on my essays for cambridge. I would be much obliged if you can answer some of my questions in this regard.
First of, when did you apply and what is you professinal background, years of experience and gmat score?
How is experience so far and is it meeting your expectations?

I think your comment would be of vital assistance to me.

Cambridge MBA Blogger said...

Hi Raghav,

Thank you for your post. If you can email me at i'll be happy to answer to all your questions.