Wednesday, October 10, 2007

One month

I’ve been in Cambridge for a month now and i’m still loving it. For those of you who think Cambridge is a small and boring city, I must say you are mistaken. It is a small town and it might be boring in other circumstances, but not for doing an MBA.

There are always lots of things going on, and when we are not in classes there are always so many things to do. Pub gatherings, dance classes, thematic parties, college events or punting trips….is so hard for me to attend everything I’d like to that I must say is highly unlike anyone will have time to get bored. But even if you do, London is 45 minutes away.

Anyway, classes have been interesting and the work load is steadily increasing. There are many readings to do and some cases to prepare. There are also some assignments and we are already thinking in our Cambridge Venture Project. Besides, all the Special Interest Groups that have been created have been really active and there are always career events happening.

Up until now I’d say the main difficulty is being able to cope with the amount of information that they give us. For instance, I always take some time during the weekend to go through my schedule for the next week so I won’t miss anything important. It’s hard to put together so many events (including parties or special college events). And the week is very dynamic because there are always many unexpected events happening so we really need to know our schedule.

And of course, that’s why I’ve been writing much less in the last days. However I’ll try to write more often and add some daily life stories too.

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Does it really matter? said...

I am planning to apply to Judge Business School. Was great reading all your blogs. Gives a feeling of what to expect at the school.Very informative.