Friday, February 1, 2008

Online shopping

One thing that is very different about living in Cambridge is the means of transportation I use. Since I moved here my only way of moving from a place to another is my bicycle. I must say I miss my car because I love driving but other than that it’s great to move around in a bike. It’s healthier and helps keeping me in a minimum physical shape.

Cycling only has two disadvantages for me. One is the rain. When it rains it’s not that pleasant. Fortunately, despite what people might think, it doesn’t rain very often in Cambridge, so this problem is manageable. And when it’s really pouring…oh well…I just walk with my umbrella.
The other disadvantage is shopping. It’s not very easy to go shopping in a bike. It is ok when I want to buy small things but when heavier things are need, it’s just impossible. Recently I just start buying things through online shopping and I must say it’s great! It’s very convenient to select whatever I want online and have it delivered to my door. Obviously, they charge a delivery fee. But it’s also true on average things are cheaper at the bigger supermarkets so the difference is price actually compensates for the delivery fee.

And it makes my life so much easier! So in case you're wondering how we manage shopping with our bikes, that's the way it works :)