Monday, September 17, 2007

The first day

As we usually say, today was the first day of the rest of my life. But I feel the saying applies because everything will change from now on. Today classes started, so all my routines will change very quickly. No more lunches, dinners, parties, soccer matches and all that stuff I’ve been up to since arrival.

But let me describe you the first day. It started at 8.30a.m. with a gathering at the main entrance of JBS. The usual stuff happened, meaning, I got a name badge, a case with some papers and info and I got to know some of the people I hadn’t met yet. I must say JBS’s building is really cool. I had seen it before, but being there as an MBA student is a different feeling.

This year, there will be 150 of us. That means an increase of class size by roughly 30 people. Like previously, they split the class in two groups for the term to come and will mix us again next term, thus allowing us to meet everybody in the class well.

Although I’m exhausted, the first day was really light and it basically consisted of introduction. So we actually had to introduce the class with another student randomly chosen. It was really nice and amazingly enough everybody emphasized the marital status. It was a fun exercise that looked like an online dating promotional scheme with lots of laughter and it helped us to be at ease.

We then had a coffee/tea party to mingle a little more and the day ended with the class photo. It was an original photo because instead of being taken as usual, it was taken from above with the whole class looking up.
I know the course won’t be as light as it was today but I’m enjoying every bit of it and looking forward to things starting to happen.

PS: Thank you for the cheering and encouraging comments I’ve been receiving. But for the record, my name is not David. David is a former MBA student and a link to his blog is available on the right side of this blog. I will however try answering your questions and post about your doubts so feel free to keep commenting my blog and emailing me.

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