Monday, January 28, 2008

2008 Global MBA Rankings

Today the Financial Times publish its MBA Rankings. I must say I am very pleased to announce that The Judge Business School came 10th in the world. It is the first time in history that this MBA makes it to the top ten and it is even more significant because it is one of the youngest programmes of the rankings.

More importantly, there is an upward clear tendency in the last years. From 35th to 15th to 10th in three years is quite impressive. Add to that the fact it was considered 3rd in the world by Forbes and 7th by The Economist and it seems JBS is in the right track.

It is always good to realise that we made good choices. And I’m convinced choosing Cambridge over other schools was definitely a good choice. Being in the Top 10 is a very significant fact. It is very good for the school as it will attract more applications in the future and it is great for the current students, who immediately gain extra recognition. This fact is even more impressive if we have into account that there is a tradition in Cambridge of not for profit and entrepreneurship. These two career paths usually penalise our MBA relative to others.

So for those of you who are still deciding which school you should choose this piece of information can help you making your mind!

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Anonymous said...

Check out INSEAD(#6) which is also an 1-year program...