Friday, January 4, 2008

Round 2

The last days of holidays are fast approaching. The Michaelmas term ended on the 14th December and we have exams on the 9th and 11th January. It seems like a lot of time, but the truth is many people, including myself, took some time to travel. Nonetheless, I got almost two weeks at home.

All I can say is that being at home again was really nice. The term was very intense and everything went too fast. It was good to recharge, rest, eat good food, sleep and see my family and friends. Having some time evaluate everything was also good. Lots things happened and it’s really good to have some time to think about what happened and how to approach the next term. I don’t think it is very easy to adapt to this new lifestyle, to a new country, to new people and to new cultures in such a short period of time. So I see last term as an adaptation period and I believe this term will be even better in terms of taking advantage of all the good things Cambridge has to offer.

I think it will be interesting to see how everyone is doing and how they will approach the rest of the MBA. As far as I’m concerned, I guess now is the time to focus in the job search and in defining exactly what I want to do after the MBA.

So, I guess I’m ready for round 2…. Let it begin!

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