Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Exam week

A great deal of marking process in the Michaelmas Term involves exams. The other part has to do will all the assignments and projects we have to hand in. But for some courses, the exam accounts for 100% of the grade. That’s the case of Accounting, Finance and Marketing.

The exam system is quite different from the one I was used to. Firstly, I’m not used to doing exams of different subjects in the same day. Not only they are in the same day, they are done at the same time. For instance, Accounting and Finance are two different subjects but evaluation is made through a 3 hour exam with a part A (accounting) and a part B (finance). Not only it is a bit confusing but it makes time management absolutely key. There’s no point in doing a perfect finance exam if I spend 3 hours doing it and do nothing in the accounting bit. So I think exams are one more thing I’ll have to adapt to. And a hope I can adjust fast, because the first one is tomorrow :) For what I’ve seen so far, exams aren’t of an impossible difficulty level. The main issue is how to manage time. And apparently, some exams are meant not to be finished. This approach can be a bit frustrating at times especially if you are not native in English….i just have the feeling it takes me even more time than it would if it was my first language.

Anyway, Accounting and Finance will be on Wednesday and Marketing and Organisational Behaviour will be on Friday. I’m sure Friday night will be a great time to party as we will official put an end to the Michaelmas Term :)

As we are all trying to encourage each other, I think the main idea that we’re trying to pass through is that marks don’t get you a job. They sure don’t, but it’s always a nice feeling to perform well!


Anonymous said...

are you sure mba grades won't matter for job search?

I am quite sure it has a large bearing. Cambridge doesn't support grade non-disclosure like wharton, so interviewers will definitely ask for your mba gpa and transcripts, especially those in the banking industry.

MBABlogger said...

Yes, I'm sure. Very rarely recruiters will ask you for your transcript and Cambridge DOES support grade non-disclosure. They do provide it if really required but let me reassure you grades won't get you a job.