Thursday, January 10, 2008

Two more to go

Accounting and Finance are over. It should be a happy thought but the Accounting exam was so hard everyone is a bit freaked out. Anyway, there’s nothing we can do now and let’s just pray.

Tomorrow is time for some Organisational Behaviour and Marketing. Two exams with four questions each from which we should answer two. I don’t know if it is the excitement of the term to come or if it is just an ageing problem but I’m finding this studying and focusing thing a bit too hard. And apparently I’m not the one only.

The good news is by tomorrow at lunch time the exam week will be over. And to celebrate that there are already two pub meetings adjourned: one in the afternoon after lunch and the other one later on in the evening.

I have the feeling it will be a very long day for our livers….

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