Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sir Paul Judge party

Sir Paul Judge is the major benefactor of the Judge Business School (therefore the name of the school). Every year he invites all the MBAs to a big party in his flat in London. This year was no different. This year it was held on the 1st of December. It was a while ago but the last weeks of the Michaelmas term were insane, so I had no time to blog.

The party was a black tie party, which means everyone was looking very sharp. It’s very nice to see everybody in tuxedos and dresses for a change. So JBS rented some buses for us and we all went to London in our best looking outfits. The party was very interesting and lively and a great opportunity to take tons of pictures.

The party was cool but the most exciting part was after the party. Some of us decided to go around London and take some pictures with our nice outfits with Big Ben and some other landmarks as backgrounds. It was great fun and despite the cold it was completely worth. How cool is it to have pictures in London by night in dresses and tuxedos? We also stole some balloons from the party so we looked even more ridiculous holding balloons, in our tuxs, taking pictures in the middle of the street. Well, I guess this is all part of the MBA experience.


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