Saturday, December 8, 2007

Queries time!

I remember last year when I was thinking of applying to some MBAs, I really felt the need for information and there were few blogs and contacts that were reachable. I know by this time there are many people wondering where to apply. So I'll try and do for some of you what I'd like to have at the time.

I'll be happy to answer any questions some people might have about the Cambridge MBA and I've had some queries already. Just be patient as time is not an unlimited resource :)

But I will answer to everyone who asks questions either through comments (and leaves their email) or through the email I use here (

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Kunal said...

Hi Buddy ,

Nice initiative.. even I am looking for some info. I am an aspiring MBA student looking forward to Cambridge.. as I went through the site, I felt in love with the program. I have submitted my app but require some inputs for the preparation of the interview. Could you guide me what all kind of questions do they ask and how to prepare for it.. Also, apart from the things mentioned about the projects, GVP, collaborative nature etc wht do you feel practically is good about Cambridge ?? Waise, I am planning to be an entrepreneur in the long-term.. I would love to hear from u .. if possible could you please mail me at or leave a comment here itself..