Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Back home

After a hectic three month period I’m back home again. I think everyone was in need of a rest by now and being back home will give me the opportunity to slow down the pace and relax a bit. It will also be a period of reflection and assessment.

These three months were very intense and my initial goals and views have changed a bit after going through the experience. For instance, in the beginning it was quite obvious to me I wanted a financial career. After seeing all the entrepreneurial opportunities and getting insights from people who work in the field, I’m not sure if investment banking or asset management are really what I want. I guess part of the MBA experience is getting to know the industries and getting the feeling from people who are there. So for now, I'm not worried by my change of heart.

So I will use these holidays to go through this adaptation term and prepare myself for the times to come. I will also try and update the blog with some stories and events from this term, so stay tuned!

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