Monday, August 27, 2007

The two sides of packing

Less than two weeks to go, it is time for packing. I packed bags many times in my life, but never before in this type of situation. This time, I am going to be away from my home country for quite some time. I’ll be living in a different country for some time and I must be prepared. So these last days have been spent shopping for things I want to take with me, mainly I’m talking about nice warm clothes.

I now have officially begun the hard task of packing. Right now I’m putting all the stuff I’ll need in boxes so it can be shipped to me. Stuff like books, clothes, bedding stuff, shoes and even suits. I know I’ll need one or two suits for interviews, formal halls and, of course, parties. Of course, there are many things I’ll buy once I get there because they just aren’t worth sending.

Packing is never easy. But this time packing has two sides. One side of excitement for all that will happen in the next year. All the new people I’ll meet, the new experiences, the knowledge and even all the opportunities that may arise. That’s really fantastic.

But there is also another part. I’m referring to all the things I’m leaving behind. For the first time in my life I’m leaving my country for a long period of time, which means I’m leaving all the things I’ve always known my entire life….family, friends, places. I must say it is a weird feeling.

So…with these mixed feelings I’ll just keep on packing and hopefully in the next couple of days I’ll have almost everything ready!

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