Sunday, August 12, 2007

Career Leader

As stated before, one of the reasons that made me choose Cambridge over other options was the feeling of being unique and having a very personnel approach due to its lower class number.
I haven’t started the program but it feels like it has already started. After connecting future students through Camtools Portal, enabling us to access an enormous career database and giving some reading suggestions for the summer, we have been recently given a new task: completing a set of tests which are part of a Harvard developed tool known as Career Leader. Its goal is to highlight our main motivators, strengths, weaknesses and awareness of ourselves and try and match our personalities with the most suitable careers for us. The results are given to us and to Cambridge’s careers team so that they can meet with us on arrival and discuss the possible paths and best strategies. It just gives me the feeling they are all working very professionally and that comforting.

As for the test, it seems pretty reliable and its results were no surprise to me. They just reinforce what I know and what I want.

Interestingly enough, as time passes by and I’m more aware of what each career means and implies instead of being surer, I’m having even more doubts. I guess I’m realizing this year will be so intense I shouldn’t even have any predefined ideas. I should keep an open mind and try to seize the opportunities and make the best out of this year.

I’m hoping things will just come naturally.

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