Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A thousand times

It has passed five months since I started this blog. In it I tried to describe some of the phases I went through in the whole process of being admitted to Cambridge. Today this blog has registered its 1000th visit which means it has been visited, on average, around 200 times each month. Although I don’t get many comments on the blog it seems like there are many people out here visiting my blog and hopefully getting some relevant information.
In these five months I got visits from all over the World. From places like Georgia to Korea, or from Malaysia to Peru. It seems however that most visitors are from the United Kingdom, the United States, India, Japan and the Netherlands.

The most popular post is the one explaining why I decided to take an MBA. I guess there are many of you out there still thinking whether it is a good option or not. I hope my view is helping somebody out there.

Now that this pre MBA phase is coming to an end I would guess the blog will become more interesting as I’ll be able to post the actual experience of being there. I just hope I have the time and availability to keep posting.

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