Thursday, June 28, 2007

Getting a room

The final confirmation letter, stating that I have met all the financial requirements has finally arrived yesterday. That means two things. First, I am officially and without any doubt enrolled in the MBA programme. But it also means I can start taking care of accommodation with my college.
As I said before, I was offered a place at Magdalene College. So yesterday I emailed the college to state my preferences regarding accommodation. And the main issue was having a private bathroom. Although it may sound picky, the truth is there are many MBA students with this request. The vast majority of us has our own home and is not used to sharing bathrooms anymore.

Unfortunately, this final confirmation letter took too long to arrive. And by now, en-suite rooms are no longer available. I read in some forums that sometimes students have to share facilities with more than 6 other students. I hope this isn’t the case.

I’ll try to know more about my future room but I’m starting to wonder if I should decline college accommodation and search for private accommodation.

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