Friday, June 1, 2007

Contacting my future colleagues

Now that the class is almost complete people are trying to know each other and even meet. Besides being able to share information in the Portal, we now have other discussion forums and, of course, all the instant messaging tools.

So in the last few days my Messenger list has grown a lot and I’ve been able to talk to some of my future colleagues. This is quite cool. We haven’t even arrived yet and we are already making plans on sports, interests groups and lots of other stuff. It seems like the class they put together is really dynamic and I’m getting even more excited because I’ll have the opportunity to be with so many interesting people.

The main concerns among future students at this time are accommodation and visas. Many students are still collegeless which mean they can not apply for a visa yet and some are becoming restless. Others are not sure whether their college is a good one or not. The main issue is distance. People want a college that is not very far away from Judge Business School. I guess I was lucky because I got my response very quickly and I got in a college that seems to have excellent location.

Meanwhile, they have given us access to some career databases where we can browse for information on careers, interviews, resumes and a bunch of other valuable stuff. The main idea is being able to gather as much information as possible in order to narrow our preferences regarding careers and professional goals. Seems like I’ll have a lot of reading to do this summer!

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