Friday, May 25, 2007

College accommodation

Now that I’ve been offered a place in a college, my next concern is getting accommodation. The letter sent by Magdalene College mentioned it was a provisional offer, conditional to Judge final confirmation of my offer which, they told me, will be sent really soon. I spent the last couple of days contacting Judge and Magdalene and so far, they’ve been very helpful. And I know that many students don’t have a College yet, so I’m fortunate for being able to arrange everything in advance.

At first, I was having second thoughts about accepting college accommodation. I thought I would be cool to have my own flat were I could be by myself. But now, I think being in a college is part of the Cambridge experience. And although it might not be as comfortable as a private flat, I’m thinking it will be much more fun to live in the college and I’ll be much more into the spirit of studying in Cambridge (and it is also a lot cheaper!).

So, college accommodation it is! And the next step is choosing a room, or at least, a rent band. The problem is I don’t know anything about the rooms and their characteristics, so I guess it won’t be that easy to make an informed decision.

At least, now I’m sure to put some pictures here of my room once I get there, so I can help someone in the future. That’s a promise! It would be very helpful for me if there was a webpage or a blog with some info regarding accommodation (with pictures!).

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