Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Two months

It has passed almost two months since I first started this blog. My intention was to describe my application process and everything that is related to it. I know when I started thinking about applying, I browsed the internet for information and it wasn’t easy at all to get what I wanted. Hopefully, some of the things I’ve written so far can help some people out there in preparing themselves.

In months this blog has been visited nearly 300 times! I must say this is a much higher count than I could imagine when I started it. In these two months of posting, there are some interesting statistics:

- Readers from United Kingdom, Japan and Singapore account for 45% of all readers (I’m not from any of these countries);

- 46% of readers take more than 5 minutes in the site;

- 30% of all readers have returned at least once;

- 25% of all readers got to the blog by googling “Cambridge mba interview” (yeah…I did that a lot too before attending the interview!).

Through this blog I have also been contacted by other future students, which has been quite nice (yes…the email in my profile works).
I just hope it has been useful to some people.

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Kunal said...

Hi Buddy,

I have gone through your blog and Cambridge's site. I am aspiring to get into Cambridge fall 2008, so would like to have some more information from you. What all kind of questions do the panelists ask in MBA interview ?
I am really impressed by the program but would like if you could tell me wht is the best thing you liked about Cambridge ?