Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My To Do list

I’m a little bit more than two months away from heading to Cambridge and barely a month away from leaving my current job. It seems a lot of time but the truth is there are many things to take care of in the meanwhile. My To Do list is quite big and has all kinds of different stuff.

For starters, I need to buy warm clothes. The truth is I don’t have much warm clothe because winters in my home country are not that cold. And now is not really the time to buy it because we are off season. And I hate shopping…so….I really need time to do this.

I’ll have to leave everything in order at home and prepare many things to be shipped to Cambridge as soon as I arrive there.

Then, there is health. I’m scheduling appointments with all kinds of doctors. And one of the most important doctors is the dentist. One doesn’t want to have teeth issues in a foreign country J

But there are also lots of different small things to take care of, like cancelling gymnasium memberships or magazine signatures, making sure someone will be able to get my registered mail from the post office or having the important mail forwarded to me. And so on....

And, of course, there is work. I have to start passing all the work to other colleagues and I’ll have to clean my office soon enough.

Finally, I also intend to have some nice long holidays. So I have to take care of everything in time of having some relaxed vacation somewhere.

So, leaving everything in order takes time and I’m trying not to forget anything. Let’s hope I don’t miss anything important!

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