Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Easter term

I’m back. And I mean, back to the blog, back to the UK and back to classes.
Almost two months have gone by since I last wrote on this blog, but I’ll try to make an update in the next weeks.

But let me start with the end. Yesterday, the Easter term has started. The Easter term goes until the 13th of June and it is the last term of the MBA. It is amasing how time flies here. Not long ago I was just starting and now the end of it seems so close. Yesterday many prospective students where here for their interviews and it is very funny to think that roughly one year ago I was in the same situation, and now I’m almost done.

Anyway, the Easter term has started and despite the unattractiveness of the idea of having classes again, it is nice to be back and seeing everyone again after one month of GCP. Because the GCP involves companies all over the world, the last month was spent with my GCP team and part of it was spent outside the UK. So being back is nice.

The Easter term seems to have a different structure from the previous ones. For starters, there are no exams, which is quite nice. Secondly, the course courses last roughly for a week. After these core courses, we have some electives but in general they last for 6 hours only. So it seems like I have some very light days form the second week of May onwards. That looks nice, but I guess things are designed like this so we can have more time for job search. This is also the term we’re supposed to look for jobs in the open market, which takes a lot of time.
I’m looking forward to this term, but most importantly, as most people in the MBA, I’m looking forward to finding a job soon. So let’s see what happens. In the meanwhile, I’ll try to update the blog some of the events that happened during these last two months, namely during GCP.

Just as a side note, I’ve been receiving many emails from prospective students. I’m not always very fast to answer but I try answering to all your queries. Also, I’ve been asked to post more often, so I’ll try to do so...if time allows me!

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