Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dennis & friends

Last Friday a new subject called Leadership in Action started. It is part of the core courses of the Easter term. When you see something like that on your time table you wonder what is going to happen there. Interestingly enough, after attending one session the name of the course actually starts to make sense.

My first impression was that I was watching one of those concerts like Pavarotti & Friends, where a big start calls his friends to do some singing together. The principle of this course is the same. Lord Dennis Stevenson brings some of his friends to talk for 20 minutes each. In that time, they are supposed to summarise their entire careers into some hints and tips for us.

The concept looks very interesting and I must say it is interesting. 20 minutes is the perfect length. Whenever we start getting bored of the speaker, it is over. And the speakers are very diverse and interesting people with some good insights. Even listening to the obvious tips is interesting as it reinforces their importance. In a way, it reminds me of the Enterprise Tuesday (already mentioned in a previous post) but more diverse and shorter.

After the session, there is a get together at the restaurant next door with nice food and drinks, giving us the chance to speak with these people. Because it is in a restaurant it also means we finally get good food (yup...the food served after recruitment sessions at JBS is horrible!)

Believe me, if I’m praising a course that is taught at a Friday night, the thing must be pretty interesting!

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