Sunday, April 15, 2007

Have I accepted?

So, I said yes. Or I least I think I did. I was given a deadline to send some documents, namely, a written acceptance statement and some evidence of good financial standing. I gathered those documents and mailed them a couple of weeks ago to Judge Business School, however it seems like they did reach Cambridge. At least not yet…

And the post offices are unable to track the package due to some technical problem.

So… while the package is wandering around the world, I’m three days away from the deadline and I don’t know if I have officially accepted the place. Let’s just hope I did.

And I always had a good impression of the national post offices. So much for that impression!

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Javier Ealo said...

welcome to the Judge. I hope that your experience next course will be so enlightenning as ours is being for the 2006 class.
Don't worry much about deadlines, you'll be "glad" to know that the Royal Post is not the quickest in the world, and that time happens to follow a different pace when it's about Cambridge University and their internal mail distribution system. It took me well a couple of weeks to get a confirmation last year. Jo is good, she'll understand.
See you hopefully soon.