Thursday, October 7, 2010

The overwhelming beginning

The pace of a one year MBA can be overwhelming, especially at the beginning when most students are still trying to get used to a whole new reality. It takes time to adapt to being a full time students again, to new people, to a new country, to working in a foreign language (for most of the class, at least). On top of that you are required to start making decisions very early. Financial companies tend to recruit in October/November, which is only a little bit more than one month into the MBA. That’s why prioritising and focusing is paramount.

You’ll have plenty of readings and class preparation to do. The work load will pick up with group work, readings, and exercises. In parallel, you need to prepare your CV, cover letter and think about your application strategy. Heck, you’ll have to think what is it that you want to do after your MBA! These are a lot of things to cope with at the same time. You’ll be making friends at the same time and wanting to go to every social gathering to make the most of your new student life.
I remember feeling exhausted around this time of the year. Speaking in a different language, knowing new people, reading, working, attending classes, researching for career paths, creating CVs, having a social life at the college…a social life at the school….that all can be exhausting! But at the same time, it is a lot of fun and everyone is going through the same. The key is to enjoy it and search support in your newly made friends.

It is very intense…but that’s why you’ll get leanings, experiences and friends for life!

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