Saturday, June 14, 2008

The end is the beginning...

Friday, 13th. Where I come from, a Friday the 13th is associated with bad luck.

Rather than unlucky, I would say that was a sad day. Yesterday, the MBA has ended. It was the last day of classes and from now on we are all in the Individual Project stage.

What that means is that from now on many of us will fly to many different places and some of us will not come back to Cambridge at all. It is a very strange feeling and it is amazing how fast this year went by.

It has been the most amazing year where I got to know lots of fantastic people and more than dwelling on all the fantastic things we did together, I just wanted to pay my tribute to all these amazing people and leave my big thank you for all we've gone through together!

The MBA Class of 2007


Anonymous said...

Hey There,

I'm thinking about applying to Cambridge and I wanted to get a student's perspective. I've e-mailed some questions over to which I could hope you could answer.

Anonymous said...

hi... i am joining judge 2009-10 batch,... ur bloag has been very informative